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Expert, Local Computer Repairs in Katy, Texas

Established in 1999. For the last 20+ years, MTECH has helped and worked with thousands of computer owners in and around the Katy, Texas area by offering honest, expert (but non-geeky) friendly and affordable, personalized Computer Help & Tech Support services.

Computer Repair

We can fix your computer whether Linux, Windows, or Apple. We provide Macbook, Mac Mini, iMac support and repair in Katy for all models. (Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, AlienWare, IBM)

Common Repairs our clients hire us for: Laptop repair, Desktop repair, Virus Removal, Laptop Screen Repair, Custom Builds, WiFi Networking, Upgrades, Hinge Repair, Operating System Errors, CPU/GPU Re-Thermal, MoBo Repairs, Soldering DC Power Jacks.

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Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of our specialties. We do most recoveries right here in our Katy lab. For more complex recoveries we have an ISO 5 CLASS 100 certified partner who can do head swaps, and mechanical repairs.

We repair and recover Flash Drives, RAID arrays, External-Laptop-Desktop Hard Drives, Flash drives, Solid State drives, Compact Flash cards, SD/SDHC cards, NAND memory chips, and Cell Phones.

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Cell Phone Repair

Cracked Screen, Broken Charging Port, Power Problems, Water Damage, Home – Volume Button, Speaker Replacement, Damaged Circuit Board, Broken Camera, Data Recovery, Battery Repair.

We repair the following manufacturers and more: iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Transpyre, Sony Xperia, HTC, Blackberry Bold, Motorola Droid, Nokia, Amazon Fire Phone, Microsoft.

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Broken Screen, Broken Charging Port, Power Problems, Water Damage, Home Button, Speaker Replacement, Damaged Circuit Board, Broken Camera, Data Recovery, Battery Repair.

We can diagnose and repair your tablet problems usually within the same day. . We stand behind our work with a one year satisfaction guarantee on our labor.

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Real Customers, Real Reviews

Mike repaired my MacBook quickly and efficiently. He kept me informed throughout the diagnosis and solution to the problem and even followed up to make sure I have everything I need. Very impressive and professional work.
Mary V
00:21 10 Aug 19
Mike at MTECH is awesome, he does exceptional work and at very affordable rates. He upgraded my iMac recently with a faster SSD drive which provided much faster response and needed performance. I highly recommend MTECH if you have any Apple or PC products you need work done.
Johnathon A.
17:23 08 Aug 19
Great service. Very timely and kept me updated with every step of my computer repair and everything he found.
Carlynne T.
18:56 06 Aug 19
Definitely a good experience, worked well with me and updated me when there was something wrong. Would definitely use again.
Andy L.
18:28 29 Jul 19
I came in originally looking to have PC fixed, ended up spending 2k and got an amazing PC, had some hiccups along the way, but everything turned out amazing. Michael is a great tech guy and if you want discounted upgrades for a new PC, he is the guy to go. Will come back to him in the future for more PC needs. When it comes to computers or laptops, Michael is the one I'd recommend.
Kathryn B.
18:41 23 Jun 19
Mike was able to help me recover crucial data from my laptop that had a bad motherboard. Very knowledgeable, will use again when needed.
Mr J.
14:46 15 Jun 19
Mike was very helpful and knowledgable about the business he runs. I had a great experience and got my laptop back within a week and received amazing service and responsiveness from him. I would definitely recommend mtech and would gladly use them again for pc solutions.
Kishan P.
16:29 07 Jun 19
Very helpful in explaining the issues with my Mac. Highly recommended.
Chance F.
16:57 06 Jun 19
I received a referral from my massage client to Michael at MTech PC Solutions as My Bride's Surface Pro would not turn on. I contacted Michael and explained what the issue was and he provided several scenarios on what it could be, what it would take to resolve and the cost to complete. I usually try to obtain three quotes, but I was very comfortable and confident with the options he provided. He was very flexible in his schedule and communicated with me throughout the process. The cost for the resolution that I needed was more than reasonable and he was very efficient with the service and again, very flexible with his schedule as sometimes my schedule can be challenging. In conclusion, if I ever need any type of computer repair, computer advice or know of anyone who does, hands down, there is NO other option than with Michael at MTech PC Solutions!!
Cee J.
10:32 01 Jun 19
Very nice man. Got everything solved in just one day and gives out good military discount. He responded very quickly too. I would go to him again.
Marco R.
21:41 31 May 19
Very professional and responsible. He truly cares about his work and his clients. I'd recommend him to all my friends!.
Carmen Caridad G.
18:42 14 May 19
Quick professional service. Replaced the hard drive in my iMac with a new SSD. My computer works better than it did new.
J D.
01:50 17 Apr 19
If you're looking for the best cell phone repair company in the Fulshear - SW Katy area, call Michael at MTECH. He replaced the screen and LCD panel on my son's Samsung Galaxy screen (it had multiple cracks) for a very reasonable price and included a one year warranty with the repair services. He also works on cracked iPhone screens and other smartphone brands. I highly recommend him because of his punctuality, professionalism, and excellent service. Thanks Michael!
Jennifer L.
20:20 20 Feb 19
This Man is a superhero. My laptop is my life and it was fixed in less time than originally told and for cheaper than best buy and dell quoted me. I am extremely appreciative
Joshua O.
22:04 19 Feb 19
I ordered a custom built gaming computer for my son and the result was beautiful and the performance is like something on a futuristic science fiction movie. Kudos to Michael and team. The pictures speak for themselves.
Stephen L.
20:21 09 Feb 19
Very affordable and on task. Did not try to sell me everything he had like other retail store and gave me advise to improve my pc experience.
Carola G.
22:22 16 Jan 19
I like the way his customer service and his style on building gaming pcs
Jesus R.
22:18 16 Jan 19
Besides computer work he also does iPhone repair for a very affordable price. Recommended to all my friends
Zahara S.
22:07 16 Jan 19
I went to several places, spent a bunch of money until I got here. They will find solutions for good prices
Tim C.
15:50 16 Jan 19
Whatever your problem is, I am sure they will solve it here
rick J.
15:46 16 Jan 19
Michael will go out of his way to help you. Great place
Marie R.
15:42 16 Jan 19
Nice people and amazing prices!
Grace S.
15:33 16 Jan 19
I had a very good experience at this place, very reccommended
Sarah M.
15:19 16 Jan 19
I had a great experience with MIchael in fixing my computer. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and fast to diagnose and fix the computer problem. He has a very good customer service, reliable, and went out of his way for excellent service. I highly recommend MTech Pc Solutions for any computer needs and problems.
Haydee P.
00:13 09 Jan 19
Great Job! Had my pc transferred from a case to a new one $100 less than a day of labor! Very trusted will definitely go back if needed!
23:49 03 Jan 19
MTech is a professional that could save all my files after I spilled a coffee over my laptop, but the best was how fast he could rescue my data, dropped on Monday and got EVERYTHING back of Tuesday. THANK YOU
Sikh B.
20:35 28 Dec 18
Very nice!
Isabela D.
05:15 28 Dec 18
Very professional and excellent costumer service
Felipe G.
05:09 28 Dec 18
Very professional, 10/10 would recommend.
Valentina O.
05:05 28 Dec 18
All of his PC gaming builds are excellent and very capable of run any triple A title.
Jesus S.
04:07 28 Dec 18
he will fit your budget as long as is not to low for the performance
Alexandra C.
01:51 28 Dec 18
Wonderful with my Mac reparations. I didn't know what to do and he fix it in matter of hours!
Miguel U.
00:56 28 Dec 18
Amazing people to work with. Michael is very responsive and honest. He will tell you exactly what's going on. Will come back again!
Sarah Valentina M.
00:49 28 Dec 18
Amazing experience and the costumer service is spectacular
Alessandra R.
00:36 28 Dec 18
Excellent service, quick and resourceful m. Next time I need to buy or fix a pc he will be my place to go to!
lorena U.
00:26 28 Dec 18
Did an excellent job on our website and improved our visibility on Google TREMENDOUSLY. Very happy with our decision to go with MTECH. Highly recommend.
Dennis W.
21:17 27 Dec 18
Prices you can’t beat. Very fast and accurate in all of his business.
Miguel C.
01:48 23 Dec 18
Mike was super responsive from jump street. Great follow up. I called him about 1 computer and ended up giving him 2 to fix. My 15' is now faster then it previously was before.
Christopher W.
17:40 22 Dec 18
Michael is very responsive and doesn't over promise. The possibilities of cost were laid out so there were no surprises. The original estimate was possibly 1 to 2 weeks before getting the parts, but he is resourceful and found one locally in stock and had my computer back within 1 day. Very pleased with the service.
Shawn S.
23:09 03 Dec 18
Company is a lifesaver. Came out and helped me with my business computer that runs my POS. The prognosis was hard drive was going bad. Built a great computer for me at an amazing price with a great warranty but most importantly they worked diligently to save all my files. Really above and beyond first class service. They will be my only call from now on
Jen C.
23:54 26 Nov 18
Michael set me up so good with a new computer upgrade and service thru new generation hardware that put my PC Flight sim experience into a new level. I recommend him to do a fantastic job as well as have your total satisfaction in mind!
Gayle D.
19:14 14 Nov 18
I have had a great experience with Michael. My MacBook Pro needed a repairing of the Logic board which Michael had explained clearly. He was very quick in responding and getting back to you and also offered different options at a great price. I would recommend Michael for future problems.
Daisy T.
04:02 24 Oct 18
I called MTECH after seeing the great reviews on Google and I was not disappointed. Michael took my broken PC the same day I called and easily figured out the problem. His prices are incredibly reasonable and the results of his work are fantastic. Thanks Michael for your hard work and creating a fantastic rig for me!
Kris E.
02:21 18 Oct 18
Friday night at home and I have a ton of work to do over the weekend. The laptop does not power on at all. AT ALL!!! I find him online, and check him out: stellar reviews from others, so I send an email and call after 9p. I hope that he gets back to me by Saturday. Instead, Michael gets back to me within 15 minutes and I'm literally dropping off my laptop to him around 11p. By Sunday morning, the whole laptop was fixed: data was retrieved and my laptop is now running FASTER than before. I'm now just going to call him St. Michael.
Desiree O.
21:06 30 Sep 18
So glad I found Michael of MTECH. He knows his stuff and was able to quickly and correctly fix my laptop for a fair price while providing great communication along the way. I highly recommend him.
Glenn O.
05:25 30 Sep 18
If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would. The customer service I received was amazing hands down one of the best. He was very responsive to text and calls. Also fast quality work done. Would very much recommend this place to any one that has PC problems
Angel C.
20:46 27 Sep 18
Had taken my laptop to get it worked on with Michael. He was able to help me find a solution and get what I needed. Great communication and easy working with him, helped me feel comfortable since finding a trustworthy person is important to me.
18:19 25 Sep 18
Hands down. First class service. Reasonable price. Very professional. They have my future business.
michael M.
16:07 22 Sep 18
From the very start I received a timely response and reassurance that Micheal could help fix the charging port for my computer. I had gone to Best Buy /geek squad to see if they could fix my computer and all they did was encourage me to buy a new computer and pay $200 for tech support. Don't make the mistake I did. Thankfully I found Micheal online and I found his professionalism refreshing. He set expectations upfront and had my computer ready for me with a working charging port at the time he said he would. And for a fraction of the price "best steal" was offering . I would use his services again and I highly recommend you do too.
Viv O
04:26 21 Sep 18
The CPU and motherboard of the desktop PC that I built stopped working after several years of heavy use and overclocking. The lack of time prevented me from repairing it at this time so I searched for an IT professional and I was given MTech's contact. Michael quickly identified the problems, presented options and diligently and professionally solved the issues. He charged a fair price for the job. Since I was satisfied with the experience I returned with a laptop that needs to be repaired. Highly recommended.
Victor F.
19:46 24 Aug 18
WOW! Michael was beyond excellent. I’ll try to keep this short and to the point, but attention to detail matters:1. Issue: My Dell (dinosaur) was running slow, and it had to remain plugged in or it would shut off although I had just replaced the battery and made it work until it became a challenge to keep up with my work load.2. Panic: I reached out to “Mike” at 6:45am on Tuesday because I needed to have it serviced ASAP. He replied almost immediately (within 30 min), and although he was already booked that morning, he was very accommodating and I was able to drop off my laptop by 8:30am!3. Solution: Mike diagnosed my laptop within the hour, and after discussing my strict budget to repair the old Dell, he suggested I purchase a 2013 MacBook which he had amped up with a new SSD, doubled the RAM, and included a one year warranty!!4. More importantly, he had it ready for me to pick up two hours prior to a video conference I had today.5. As if #1-4 weren’t enough, Mike went above and beyond and transferred all the data from the “dinosaur” (Dell) free of charge!6. But wait, there’s more! I also dropped off an ancient external hard drive, which crashed, and he let me know there’s a very slim chance the data can be recovered but he will do everything he can. With fingers crossed,Sonia(To be continued...)
Sonia G.
02:11 24 Aug 18
Mike did an excellent job addressing the issues I had with my gaming/work desktop and did it for a fair price despite a crucial component being identified as the cause of my system instability.
07:46 23 Aug 18
The service is professional. And the price is very good. I would like to have more upgrade in the future in here if needed.
Yuming Z.
18:15 22 Aug 18
Soooo glad I found Mtech. Mike went way above and beyond what was necessary to get my computer running. I brought it in for one issue and at no additional charge, he fixed something else for me on the same machine that I knew needed attention eventually but I hadn't even mentioned it to him. Very trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for his customers.
Elizabeth W.
23:55 16 Aug 18
My PC was slow, lost all of its files, & had a lot of viruses. Mike was able to restore my computer like brand new within a day! Definitely will return for any other problems that can occur with my other devices
Adriana Q.
23:22 13 Aug 18
Mike saved the day! We contacted him to assist us with a PC to MAC conversion - he was available immediately to assist us and took care of it without an hiccups. He is knowledgable, professional and all around professional in his craft. We highly recommend him!
Cindy N.
17:24 09 Aug 18
Quick Service! Great Job! Very Professional! Saved me a ton of time!
Traci J.
00:52 05 Aug 18
MTECH goes the extra mile for you! I run A design studio, and we had a problem with our system, I called different companies, and could not find one single company that could meet my deadline for me, but MTECH went above and beyond! The price was great, the knowledge of the staff was excellent, and I got my problem resolved within my deadline, so I could be back in business. Thanks Michael!!
16:17 04 Aug 18
MTech provides fast professional service with great ideas to represent your business with engaging layout and information.
Tina H.
15:07 04 Aug 18
MTech did an excellent job specing out my needs and building a custom SSD desktop that is performing magnificently.
Perry J.
04:14 04 Aug 18
When I spilled water on my macbook pro I was beside myself and didn't know where to turn. I googled macbook pro repair in my area and MTECH PC Solutions came up first. Within 30 minutes they got my laptop assessed the damage and gave me a price to fix. I had my water damaged macbook pro fixed and returned within a week at a 1/3 of the time and price Apple or Best Buy would have charged. These guys are awesome and I would totally recommend them to anyone needing fast, accurate computer repair in the Katy or Richmond, Texas areas. Thanks guys!
Michael H.
04:13 04 Aug 18
Mike replaced the hard drive on my Dell laptop. I took it to him on Saturday, and picked it up on Sunday, good as new.
Jennifer S.
03:15 11 Jul 18
I called MTECH after hours, around 9 pm or so, on a Saturday night. Mr. Lefler answered and let me explain what was going on and immediately told me to bring the PC to him for an evaluation.....after 9.......on a Saturday night! I was concerned for the data on my drive because I didn’t back it up, even though my wife said I should. Once I arrived he took a look at my system and gave me an immediate quote. We agreed on the price and he told me I could pick up my PC after I left Church THE VERY NEXT DAY! PC is working great, great price, fast service.....we are also discussing other services he offers. Can’t recommend MTECH enough.
Steven S.
01:33 03 Jul 18
Found Mike on Google and loved reviews so gave it a GO. My tower fell over for my desktop and killed my hard drive. He fixed within 1 day, is professional and knowledgeable! Computer is back running like nothing happened. Thank you Mike!
Fabiola L.
15:16 29 Jun 18
Very convenient. Dropped off my laptop in katy, he replaced hard drive and laptop was fixed and ready same day. Would def recommend to others.
Harry S.
17:25 21 Jun 18
Mike did a great job figuring out what was wrong with my Mac desktop. He was easy to work with, on time and knowledgeable. He gave me several options to repair or replacem,y Mac and was able to recover all my data from my previously crashed iMac hard drive. I would definitely recommend him!
Leisa W.
15:53 12 Jun 18
If you want quick, fair, honest service or fair pricing on new computer equipment, call Michael at MTech. He helped me. I trust him with all of my electronics because I now know that he will do quality work at a very fair price. He went out of his way to get me back in business.
Robert Don M.
19:07 01 Jun 18
Awesome guy to work with and quick turnaround. Highly recommend!
Ramsay G.
16:50 28 May 18
MTECH took my outdated P.C. and upgraded the components. Runs like a Ferrari! And saved me $1100 I’d otherwise have spent on a new computer.Having them upgrade laptop now!!!Highly recommend!
Michael Z.
12:57 27 May 18
Good fast service, very nice.
Joey S.
16:37 16 May 18
Michael is the perfect combination of know-how and great customer service. I had an issue with my Macbook Air not turning on and he not only fixed the issue within seconds, he made me aware of an impending issue because of the problem that caused it not to come on in the first place. Then he gave me a quick quote on what it would cost to fix it through him. Let's just say, there's no way I will be taking my Mac to Apple to be charged an arm and a leg when I have a Mac certified guy like Michael that is very reasonably priced and that cares so much about his customers! Thank you Michael and you will be seeing me for ALL future computer needs!
Adam G
16:06 16 May 18
Being in the roofing business is stressful enough without having to hunt down your IT guy. MTECH PC SOLUTIONS has served our IT needs for 8+ years and has been much needed resource in helping our business grow both from a hardware / software standpoint to website and seo services. We value the their input and will continue to do business with them for many years to come.
Greg B.
18:08 11 May 18
Mike and MTECH PC SOLUTIONS have been an invaluable resource both at helping us save money on our computer purchases and when we need fast, accurate computer repair for our postal and restaurant businesses.
Diana B.
18:04 11 May 18
Mike does a fantastic job with simple and direct diagnostic and solution options, work done on time and as promised.
David P.
14:12 09 May 18
I called MTECH @ 7PM I in panic mode because the main machine that runs my business wasn't working. They promptly answered the phone asked a few detailed questions and gave me a time they would arrive THAT VERY EVENING! That alone was impressive. Beyond that upon initial evaluation my hard drive in my 7 year old PC was crashing. They gave me quick responsive options and had me back up and running that same night at a very reasonable cost. I could not have asked for more and will definitely refer them to friends and other business acquaintances as well. Thanks again Mike!
Debra W.
19:04 04 May 18
Mike is a great guy to work with. Very patient and kind with my build. Super quick too! He even threw in extra components just to make sure my experience was great. He is a person you can trust with your equipment. Will definitely go back for my PC needs!
Jeremiah F.
23:37 28 Apr 18
Mike is very transparent in his advice/ services. He exceeded my expectations and then even went on to go above and beyond for multiple professional and personal recommendations. Thanks for always doing the impossible Mike and the hole team at MTECH PC SOLUTIONS.
Eco Smart HVAC S.
18:56 21 Apr 18
Mike was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with to diagnose and fix my MacBook Pro laptop. He was able to meet quickly and replace my hard drive fast. He explained the issues very well and even contacted me to let me know when he found a drive on sale to save me some money. I am grateful for his expertise and plan to use his services again in the future to fully tune up my Mac. Highly Recommend!!!
Hayley H.
17:41 19 Apr 18
Michael is very professional. I asked him to help with a problem in my laptop. He is very prompt on the time to pickup and delivery. I am very impressed that he always keeps me in the loop during the process of repair. The price is also better than others in the area. Overall good experience using Michael ‘s service. I recommend Michael to you if you are in this area. Hope Michael can still keep up with the drive for excellence as business grows!
Huidong G.
11:49 17 Apr 18
I would highly recommend MTECH PC Solutions. My son’s iPad screen was completely shattered and the home button was not functional. I was able to get it fixed and working like new in a timely fashion. Very helpful, professional service and the pricing was discussed upfront with no surprises.
Chris W.
15:48 20 Mar 18
Mike has done a great job with our laptop that got scammed recently. He is patient, professional, and willing to share a lot of knowledge for our long term security. Also does the same job as the other stores out there for a better price!
Vivek T.
12:56 17 Mar 18
I originally hired MTECH PC SOLUTIONS to work on a laptop for me but came to find out they are way more than computer repair specialists. My current web guy had dropped the ball and I needed urgent help. Mike with MTECH PC SOLUTIONS has been an invaluable resource in keeping my website up and running and advising me on how to keep it ranked high on Google. If you need computer repair, website support or search engine optimization services in or around the Katy, Texas area then look no further than MTECH PC SOLUTIONS! Thanks again Mike!
Xtreme Guns & Ammo S.
06:30 15 Mar 18
Prompt, reliable, honest service.
18:03 13 Mar 18
Fast friendly service
Marco R.
17:38 13 Mar 18
Micheal identified issue very fast and fixed it. By going to MTech solutions, I believe saved a money and time. I would definetely recommend Mtech solutions for any computer repairs. He did a great job on my Lenovo.
Shashanka C.
19:43 12 Mar 18
Awesome service and follow up. Would definitely use again.
Martin R.
02:01 01 Feb 18
Just like a good neighbor M Tech is there
James B.
18:28 23 Jan 18
My kids connected items to my computer and caused me not to be able to use it I was angry and frantic. Glad I ran in to these guys Super helpful and professional got me back up in running in no time. Thanks
Naomi A.
05:20 06 Dec 17
Panic gone, productivity restored! With quick response and adept at giving me vital tips, my business laptop was restored to better than when I purchased it. Thanks so much for your promptness and professionalism!
His Blessed K.
17:32 27 Nov 17
I had a severe situation with my iMac. Michael put in some time over a weekend to find the issue and advise me on what the best plan would be to get resolution. He is very reasonably priced and will receive all of my future work. I highly recommend Michael for all your computer needs both PC and Mac
Dave S.
15:52 21 Nov 17
Honest and affordable.
Barbara Herrera H.
05:54 13 Nov 17
Very personable with great customer service.
Teressa T.
17:30 28 Oct 17
Michael did a great job on my Mac. He was very knowledgeable and was able to fix my laptop in a timely manner.
Stephanie I.
01:37 18 Sep 17
Excellent Service, Affordable and On-Time. Fast turnaround time on my water-damaged macbook pro
Anderson M.
03:53 13 Sep 17
Awesome services ,quick fix and great price and all on a holiday ! Thanks Mike
Darryl W.
20:04 06 Sep 17
Michael is the best at what he does and a great business and family man. We had to opportunity of doing work together and he treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Reach out to MTECH for all your electronic needs!!
Jake K.
19:08 06 Sep 17
Knowledgeable, quick service on a holiday weekend WOW thanks Mike you saved the day and was amazed at how more than fair the price, he even figured out with all the horrible weather situations a way to help me!
Grace C.
14:27 05 Sep 17
Mike was very knowledgeable, accommodating, and very helpful. Quickly assessed the problem and gave great advice.
Phu L.
23:20 08 Aug 17
Professional, knowledgeable, accommodating. Mike fixed our computer fast, without any issues or hidden costs. Great customer service!
Yana D.
15:43 25 Jul 17
Excellent customer service, a pleasure to deal with. Micheal was extremely responsive, came to my house to pick up my machine and had it back the next day. Great communication and individual to deal with. Thanks again!
Kader D.
12:59 15 Jul 17
I found out about MTech PC Solutions in a Google search for local computer repair. After reading all the great reviews I decided to give them a try and am very glad I decided to. The diagnosis was complete in under 15 minutes and although the computer wasn't worth saving, which I knew was a possible outcome, I was glad for the quick turnaround and honest assessment. I will definitely be going through MTech to replace my iMac. Thank y'all!
Jeff M.
03:28 11 Jul 17
good service and 1 year warranty
David H.
17:30 27 Jun 17
I called and brought my broken laptop to Michael on a weekday evening, and he called back with a diagnosis and a price that same evening. My only complaint is that I got my laptop back over a week later than he originally predicted with little explanation, although he did shave off $10 from the original price. I am happy with his work and would recommend his service to a friend.
Spencer T.
22:19 09 Jun 17
Michael provided me with excellence service! He made sure the issues with my computer were taken care of in an extremely timely manner. I will definitely use his service again when the need arises.
L.J. B.
15:29 04 Jun 17
Mike is a Godsend for computer challenged people like me. He found that my computer problems were due to a LOT of viruses that my anti virus was not picking up. He updated my system and now everything works perfectly. It is nice to know that he is only a phone call away and can access my computer remotely anytime I am having a problem!
Janet E.
16:37 03 Jun 17
I came to MTECH PC SOLUTIONS off of the recommendation of my brother. He gave me very much the same quality of service my brother spoke so highly of. I had a cracked laptop screen and was missing a key on my keyboard. The pick up and drop off of everything was great because it meant that i didn't have to change my schedule or load my kids into the car, anyone with kids will appreciate this. He did inform me that it would take a few days for the screen to get in from an online seller being that most laptop replacement screens aren't sold in any stores. But he was able to have it ordered and brought back in the same week. The only thing we did have to wait for was the part to come in the mail, but that was out of our control. Overall, MTECH and Mike are great, he kept me posted everyday and answered all questions i had quickly. Highly recommended, hoping my daughter doesn''t crack my screen again but it's nice to know that if it does happen, i have a quick fix with someone i trust at a fair price.
travis D.
15:54 03 Jun 17
We hired MTECH PC SOLUTIONS to redesign our website and get us ranked on Google. They created an aesthetically pleasing website that is completely mobile responsive and now have us ranked on Google page 1 for a variety of search terms. We couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for top notch website design and search marketing services. They are also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to IT services in general and we look forward to working with them on many future projects.
Hustle E.
15:17 03 Jun 17
Did a great job fixing the computer and working better than before with a solid state drive and graphics chip after I had an issue with Windows 10 update. Would highly recommend for future issues with my computer.
Nelson P.
14:13 03 Jun 17
I was having intermittent problems with my computer booting up and since I work from home, I needed to be back up and running quickly. I reached out through the contact link on MTECH's website and was called back within 5-10 minutes. Shortly afterward, Michael was over to pick up my computer and had diagnostics run within the hour. He was quick to order the parts I needed, kept in constant contact with me, and everything was back in working order quickly. I'd definitely recommend MTECH and will use them in the future if I have any other problems.
Jeff F.
02:17 19 Apr 17
I called on a Sunday and within a few hours, Michael arrived at my home and picked up my laptop. He communicated with me throughout the process and explained everything completely. My laptop was repaired in a few days and thankfully he was able to save all of my data. I was impressed with his professionalism and the personalized service. I highly recommend MTech PC Solutions and will use them again in the future if I have a problem.
Peggy R.
01:26 22 Mar 17
My all in one pc went out. I googled computer repair near me and came across MTech. I read all of the great reviews thus why I decided to give them a try. Great service!! Although my pc was doa, Michael was able to salvage my hard drive and transfer to another pc.He also helped me with a new pc solution. The replacement pc works far better than any computer I ever had. Thanks for all of the help. Very happy customer.
Marcus St G.
14:39 20 Mar 17
Great service, Mike rescued my server after a lightning strike and got my network up and going, he worked late into the night and took care of business and got us back on line. His fees are reasonable and quality of work is excellent.
Faris O
21:30 23 Feb 17
I contacted MTECH PC Solutions to help me clean up my Mac, which had been operating very slow. Mike came and picked up my machine and was able to take care of the issue completely, replacing my hard drive and making it operate even quicker than before. He also was able to load updated software on the Mac as well as another computer I have. Completely professional, honest, and superb service. I would highly recommend MTECH and Mike for any computer needs you may have!
S. T.
04:00 05 Jan 17
Had a great experience. He cleaned up the pop up problem i was having and replaced the hard drive for me - all over a weekend. Highly recommended!
Michael M.
17:51 30 Dec 16
I had a great experience with MTECH. He gave me fast service and quick answers that I was looking for. He communicates well and his pricing is good. I would highly recommend MTECH PC Solutions and already have to family and friends.
Lynda P.
09:15 16 Oct 16
Michael was responsive, fast and well priced. He was more helpful and knowledgeable than the people at the Apple Store when I wanted to upgrade to a Solid State Hard Drive. The job was done quickly and my 2011 iMac is now lightning fast. I highly recommend Michael and MTECH PC Solutions.
Mike L.
12:11 02 Oct 16
Recovered my hard drive on a Sunday night - life saver!!
Elizabeth C.
01:50 26 Sep 16
I had an emergency and Michael was willing to take in my computer late at night. While I am waiting for my computer he gave me a very nice loaner so that I could keep working on my projects. He has been very patient through the process and I definitely recommend MTECH's services.
Emma Z.
04:00 25 Sep 16
Michael was wonderful!! He made a house call to check my issue with my lap top. He sounded very knowledgeable and was very professional. My lap top was promptly fixed and return to me for very fair repair price. Explain everything in details about the issue! As well he fixed my wifi problem in the house. I would definitely use his services again as I would recommend him to everyone!!
02:48 15 Sep 16
Michael was exceptional! He picked up my old laptop from our home, made it work like new and brought it back the next day. He did a very good job explaining the technical terms and his prices were quite reasonable. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner to tune-up my glitchy old computer.
Jackie A.
19:50 10 Sep 16
Great experience! Very knowledgeable and repaired my computer quickly. Will recommend MTECH PC Solutions to my friends and family!
Brittani P.
03:55 26 Aug 16
I could not have asked for a better experience.I had an issue with my work laptop occur in the middle of the afternoon. I looked around for the best reviews in the Katy area and saw Mike had a perfect rating. He returned my call within minutes, we arranged a meetup for me to drop it off with him on my way home, he worked on it that night, and he even met up with me at 5am so that I could have it the next day for work. If there was a way to give a better rating, I would. His 5/5 rating is well earned.
Jarrett B.
18:17 10 Aug 16
I had called several PC repair shops in the Katy area most said I would need to leave my lap top for a few days and they would diagnose the problem and give a cost. Called Michael and he said that it should not take long to replace the hard drive and reload Windows, should have it back the next day. He called that afternoon and said the laptop would be ready and I could pick it up that night. Michael suggested replacing the old HD with a new SSD drive and now the lap top works great. I will recommend MTECH PC Solutions to my family and customers.
Jeff G.
11:27 06 Aug 16
Michael was great. Came to my office within 2 hours to grab the laptop and I picked up my computer the next day.I had a nasty virus on it that he got rid of, and he also put some virus protection and ransomware protection.Will definitely use for all future needs. You wont be disappointed!
Nichole C.
20:16 02 Aug 16
Michael was helpful from the start. He offered to fix my computer same day or next day. He offered reasonable rates. He answered all of my questions and kept me updated while he had my computer. I am extremely happy with his work & plan to seek his help with technology needs in the future.
Michelle P.
13:09 31 Jul 16
Same day service! Great customer service
Desiree S.
03:20 30 Jul 16
Six stars for Michael's exceptional service. After two trips to the Genius Bar and three to the service counter at one of the big-box electronic retailers, I was told my MacBook Pro was a lost cause. I was skeptical about what I had been told, and gave MTech PC Solutions a call after seeing his high Google reviews. Michael promptly asked me to drop by, and had my laptop up and running in a couple of hours even while he finished existing repair work. Michael was very generous in answering my questions and providing advice about my particular computer needs. I will be seeking Michael's help and advice for whatever computer needs I have in the future.
Jaryl S.
17:11 27 Jul 16
For years, I've used the Apple Store when I've had issues with my Macs, but now I don't have to because I discovered Michael. Yes, I have my own personal Genious! First of all, Michael picked up and delivered my 27" iMac, which was such a huge convenience for me. When he brought it back, he made sure everything was working before he left, and then he called a couple of times just to check if everything was still okay. Michael is the best, and I highly recommend him.
Sandra W.
17:28 22 Jul 16
A truly reliable resolution to my technology needs. My home/work computer crashed, thought all was gone. Michael was able to recover all of my data & family pictures! I have used Dell & HP for years, never had a custom built computer. Michael was able to custom build a new computer specific to my needs & better than our prior computers. He delivered to my home, set everything up & basically made it as though I did not skip a beat in my work. It is hands down the best I have ever owned. The modifications he made will only prolong the life & usage for me. He was also able to repair my daughters broken IPad mini screen & completely overhaul & replace drive on one of our laptops. All of our technology runs perfect & super efficient compared to before. His pricing is more than fair & the service he provides is superior. Michael is now our technology needs guy, good bye Best Buy!
Matt S.
17:58 07 Jul 16
Called for emergency help just by searching Google.. Found Mike, whom answered the phone from several. He was polite, eager to assist, and offered to come to pick up my labtop.. Mike gave me a pickup date, and a complete by date. I got my labtop back, and it is working super MTECH Solutions, Katy (Mike) is super.. will never call anyone but MTECH.YFranks
Evon S.
16:38 09 Jun 16
Mike provided me with exceptional repair service on my Asus gaming laptop that was reasonably priced with a very quick turnaround time. He responded immediately to my phone call and was at my home office that same morning. By the following afternoon my laptop was back. He removed a faulty dual flash boot drive and partitioned spin drive configuration, and replaced it with a 1 Terabyte solid state drive. Then he installed the original Windows 8, then Windows 10 upgrade with all the updates, and then transferred all of my files from the old disk to the new SSD. All of that in roughly 24 hours. My laptop is as fast as lighting now with this new drive and I am completely satisfied. Mtech just earned all of my future computer buiness on a job well done - Thanks Mike ! !
Jody W.
11:26 08 Jun 16
Michael helped me out in a time of emergency. He came by and picked up my laptop within an hour and diagnosed the problem. He was able to fix it and bring it back to me the next day. I own a business and he understood the emergency. I would highly recommend him and will certainly use his services again in the future!
Sonali P.
02:53 04 Jun 16
We have a computer that just stopped working and it is the main computer for wife's business so it contains all critical information, payroll and the sorts. I started calling around and eventually ended up at the Geek Squad who at first interaction appeared incompetent so I started calling around again. I googled and found Michael at MTECH PC Solutions. He was very assuring at his ability to look at the machine and propose solution. It was Friday morning and payroll was due Monday. He worked tirelessly into the wee hours of Sunday as I picked up my restored computer at 6.30am. I have to say that this experience is the best experience I have ever had dealing with a technician. He remained polite, competent and helpful all through the process. As I know very little about computers, I sort his help upon getting home to set up and he was able to remote in and help me till 10pm Sunday night. He was a God sent as I believe no one else could have done what he did with the circumstances presented. By the way, his fees were so reasonable that I had to pay more than he charged me. Michael Lefler of the MTECH PC Solutions has got to be the best computer tech in the whole of Houston and I am very happy to recommend, refer and vouch for. Thank you Michael and I am forever grateful for your hard work, consideration, professionalism and expertise.
Adeyemi A.
23:24 23 May 16
Michael was probably the best find I have come across. He had a great turnaround, kept me informed, and came to my home and set up everything so now my computer is in great working order. His prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Michael for all your computer issues.
Karen C.
19:16 23 May 16
Very quick response. Very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.Any one with a computer in the Cinco Ranch, Fulshear area should have Michael in their list of contacts. I have been looking for someone like him since I moved to CCR three years ago. I recommend him to anyone living on the southwest side of theHouston area.
Terry T.
14:10 20 May 16
One minute I'm on the Wi-Fi doing work; the next minute I can't get on. I had some "missing protocol" error message. After searching through YouTube and trying every fix posted for my problem, I Googled laptop repair in Katy. By chance, I happened upon Michael and MTECH. He picked up my laptop that day, called me with what was the problem (bad hard drive) and had it fixed and back to me within 1 day. I was well pleased. I'm a church planter with no IT in my office (I'm the only staff) so having someone to trust with my computer who isn't going to charge me an arm and a leg to fix things is a HUGE blessings. Whatever your need is, Michael will treat you right and get her fixed.
Ryan P.
21:04 09 May 16
Michael has worked on two of our MacbookPro computers. One had a complete hard drive failure. Each time, his work has been very fast and efficient. Thanks to him, we were able to upgrade both laptops so that they were working more efficiently and faster. Because of his work, we have been able to extend the life of our computers rather than purchase another one. His pricing is very fair. The most recent laptop upgrade and service was conducted within the same day!
Kristen B.
12:34 05 May 16
Michael with MTECH PC Solutions was wonderfully responsive to our computer problems and needs. I was able to take the computer in on the same day I contacted him and he kept us informed through the entire process. With flexible easy hours drop off and pick up this really helped with my busy schedule. Pricing was fair, work preformed seemed to be exactly what my comp needed and turn around time surpassed any other computer service I've ever encountered.
Laurie S.
18:59 30 Apr 16
I have learned that having a good reliable computer guy is as valuable as having a good car mechanic, plumber or even doctor. When my computer goes down with an issue, I am literally paralyzed in business and personal affairs as well. Michael with MTECH PC solutions is honest, efficient and extremely knowledgeable in computer repair and programs. He is FAST and doesn't nickel and dime me with repairs or upgrades. I have used Michael numerous times and he is flat out, the BEST computer guy in the Katy area.
dax R.
15:13 30 Apr 16
Michael is what you look for when you need technical help....honest, straightforward and knows what he is doing. I had a keyboard issue with my laptop and with Win 10 crashing, could not re-establish my accounts without a keyboard repair. Michael had the part ordered, shipped and we were down the road with a fully functional laptop in no time. I highly recommend Michael if you need a simple device repair all the way up to IT help and consulting. I spent years in that business myself and can tell from talking to him he knows his stuff......give him a call.
Jon M.
06:33 28 Apr 16
I had multiple problems Michael was able to help me with. The first was a damaged portable hard drive. Needing help to get very important data off a damaged drive, I had tried going to 3 highly rated data recovery services in Houston. All 3 advertised that they could fix the drive locally for prices beginning at $200. After contacting all 3, I discovered that they all mailed the drive across country to their actual place of work. The price was also going to be no less than $1500. That was unacceptable. After walking out of the 3rd place at Micro Center by the Galleria, I decided to do a Google search for "Data Recovery Services Katy, TX" as I live in Richmond. The results popped up and I selected one which appeared to be very close to my house. THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SELECTIONS I HAVE EVER MADE! It was for MTECH PC Solutions and Michael's business. Michael answered my call after a couple rings, I asked if he performed Data recovery services for portable drives, and he said he would have to examine the drive to determine the damage. I said I could be at his office in 20 min and he said come on. Talk about quick service! After examining the drive he said it would in fact need to go to a clean room for repair, but that he worked with someone who could fix it locally, and that they would be able to fix it for only $500. That's still a lot of money to me for data recovery, but compared to everything else I was being quoted, was an amazing deal. Although I didn't need the drive back right away, Michael still volunteered to take the drive to the repair facility during 5 o'clock traffic in Houston so they could begin work on it that day. I also had a 2007 Macbook Pro with a damaged screen, that I just wanted to get my data copied from the hard drive to a newer Macbook Pro I have. Michael asked if I could bring them both over that day, and said I was welcome to meet him back at his office after he returned from taking my drive to the facility. Normally he would perform the data transfer himself, and let the client know when the job was complete. I explained that I had a fiduciary responsibility to never let this data out of my sight, and said it was no problem if I wanted to stay and monitor the transfer. So there we were watching the transfer, and due to some minor damage on the drive the transfer kept stopping itself. Needless to stay it was monotonous, but Michael graciously let me stay to continue working on this well past 7 in the evening. Remember, we had just met each other. Amazing! As the time dragged on as well as the transfer, Michael needed to begin preparing for a big job the next day. As the transfer wasn't done, and he knew I needed to stay with my data, he asked if I wanted to borrow his data transfer device and finish the transfer myself at home. WOW! I took Michael up on his offer, and completed the transfer at my house. I will say this as clearly as possible, IF YOU NEED PC, MAC OR ANY I.T. HELP, WHETHER YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL OR A BUSINESS, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CALL MICHAEL AT MTECH PC SOLUTIONS! HE IS VERY RESPONSIVE TO YOUR NEEDS, HIS PRICING IS EXTREMELY FAIR, AND YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE OR KNOWLEDGE ANYWHERE ELSE!!
Guy B.
14:51 26 Apr 16
I hired MTECH PC SOLUTIONS based on a referral from a friend. I have a laptop with an internal battery and did not want to open the case up. Michael was responsive and available to help me out. The part had to be ordered and he called me when it arrived so we could set up time for him to install it. It went well and my laptop is up and running. I found Michael easy to work with, responsive and his pricing very fair!
Sharon G.
20:41 14 Apr 16
Mike did an amazing job!!! he came the same day and fixed the issue in my computer on site!!!I highly recommend him!!!
Mariela H.
14:27 25 Mar 16
We had a great experience with this company and can't recommend them enough. They fixed a solid state hard drive issue we had that our IT guy couldn't figure out. Will definitely use them again!
Leslie N.
14:20 18 Mar 16
Mike did an amazing job fixing my computer issue, and was able to get my machine back to me the same day. He was fast, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services!
Jeremy J.
14:12 18 Mar 16

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I ordered a custom built gaming computer for my son and the result was beautiful and the performance is like something on a futuristic science fiction movie. Kudos to Michael and team. The pictures speak for themselves.

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